Hannah Arendt’s Peformative Politics

I had an odd experience yesterday.  Via email I received the copy-edited version of an essay that I have absolutely no memory of having ever written.  Admittedly, I wrote it (apparently) over four years ago–but I don’t remember being asked to contribute to the volume in which it will appear (some day!).

In any case, it is an overview of Hannah Arendt’s understanding of “the political”–specifically, in relation to her prioritizing the way in which politics enables action, as contrasted to anything substantive we might want politics to accomplish.

The essay is, I think, a pretty clear explication of some key Arendtian themes/ideas–so I have posted it in the “Public Essays” section of this blog.  Just click on “Public Essays” on the “about” page and you will find it readily enough.

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